Brush Knee

This is the third Tai Chi form in the Big 8 Move Set. It is shown below the way a beginner should practice it. As you progress in our system the way you perform the set will change based on which internal skills your are practicing.

1. Start from the position you ended in from Wild Horse Tosses Mane.
2. Your right hand drops and swings backwards as you begin to shift your weight backwards.
3. Continue to shift back as your left hand moves in front of your face as if to wave over your right shoulder.

4. Your right hand reaches behind you as the left hand passes in front of your face.
5. Your right hand rises as the left hand floats down past your right shoulder.
6. Your left hand floats down to your right hip and your right hand reaches head height.

7. Begin to shift your weight forward.
8. Your right hand moves forward past your ear as your left hand moves from your right side to your left.

9. Continue to shift to your left leg as your right hand pushes forward.
10. You should now be standing with your left foot forward. Your left hand is at thigh height as if you placed it on a low table. Your right hand is forward with the palm facing out. Most of your weight is on the front foot and your stance should be comfortable. Not too wide, not too long, not too short and not too narrow.
11. Finish shifting your weight to your front foot  and begin to step forwards as you begin to repeat the move on the other side.

12. Your left hand swings down and back as the right hand moves in front of your face towards your left shoulder.
13. Step out with your right foot.
14. Your left hand begins to float upward as the right hand floats down.

15. Begin to shift your weight to your right foot as your left hand reaches head height and your right hand reaches your hip.
16. Your left hand moves forward past your ear as your right hand slides horizontally from left to right.
17. Continue to shift your weight forward as you push out with your left hand.

18.You should now be in the same position as number 10 except on the other side with your right leg and your left forward.
19. Shift all your weight to the right foot and begin to step forward with the left as you repeat the move one more time.
20. Your right hand swings back as your left hand moves across your face towards your right shoulder.

21. Right hand floats up while reaching back as the left hand floats down past your shoulder.
22. Continue
23. Finish stepping out with the left foot as the left hand reaches your hip and the right hand reaches head height.

24. Begin shifting your weight forward.
25. Your right hand pushes forward past your ear as the left hand slides from your right to your left.
26. Finish in the same position as number 10 with your left foot forward and your right hand your. Your left hand sits comfortably just below your hip.


  1. I notice no re-positioning of the front foot as it transitions to being the rear foot. Does this indicate that you are actually moving in a “zig-zag” or “snaking” fashion?
    (Some styles shift back and pivot on the heel to turn the front toe out 45 degrees, or pivot on the ball of the foot to get the same result) – Kev

    • If you look at the first two photos you’ll see a slight change in the foot position as Sigung Clear shifts back. How you get there really doesn’t matter as long as all your proper Tai Chi alignments and principles are happening.

      For a beginner who’s standing up as high or higher than Sigung Clear is in the photos above the foot should be pointed almost straight forward. 10-20 degrees out would be the absolute maximum. (though it will vary some from one person to the next.)

      We find that turning the foot out to far is a very very common mistake. Even among experienced Tai Chi folks.

      Turning the foot out a little too far will not only limit your ability to generate power, it also destroys the knee.

      While turning the foot in a little too much is no problem at all.

  2. robert metro says

    saw your video from fightfast , like your stuff , i am 60 have been in your mindset for years will enjoy blending with your spirit as time /space allows . retire this year have been looking for this , look forward to growing older with tai chi

  3. can you break that up into 3 easy sections,please


  1. […] I do the Ten Step once over, then practice the bits of the 24 form that I know, paying particular attention to White Crane Spreads its Wings, and how that goes into Brush Knee. […]

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