Dim Mak

[Dim Mak (death touch) part 2 of 3

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Paralyzing Dim Mak Strikes From Anywhere

Another kind of Dim Mak involves learning how to generate a specific kind of strike or strikes so that no matter where you hit, strike or otherwise act to affect the meridian you transfer force into it causing the effect the paralysis or knockout.

These are the effects that most people are familiar with regarding pressure points.

In this case knowledge of the meridians and points is helpful but not as necessary as it is in the common striking the points kind of methods. Developing specific kinds of striking ability is the more important aspect of this training.

Iron Palm and Poison Hand are specific examples of this.

Dim Mak Strikes to the Nervous System

Another kind of Dim Mak involves hitting or affecting the meridian in a way such that the force travels up the meridian and affects the nervous system, brain or spine of the recipient.

In this kind of study you must learn to feel the connection of the meridian into the rest of the physiology and also how to direct force on impact so that the entire meridian is affected by the contact anywhere on the meridian. Once you understand how this kind of Dim Mak is performed it is not particularly difficult to apply.

However, you do need to understand that each individual person is uniquely different from every other person with different weight, mass, density, length, chemistry and nervous system accessibility. I have personally worked on and with people who would barely notice if you hit them with a sledge hammer and others who keel over if you barely touch them (properly of course).

Even More Advanced Dim Mak Techniques

Another and more advanced kind of Dim Mak is to strike or hit the person anywhere and transfer the force or energy into them so that it travels inside of them to anywhere else you want the energy to go. For example to hit their fore arm and send the energy of the strike to the recipients kidney, heart or lung.

This method of Dim Mak does involve some basic understanding of the other methods and then a lot of specific internal training to learn how to feel inside the other persons body and how to transfer and direct force.

At a higher level all of the Dim Mak methods involve learning how to fix the Dim Mak strikes. The pressure point Dim Mak methods generally use specific points to fix and reactivate the physiology.

To fix the transfer of force method involves learning to feel and sense the force that has been transmitted to the person and drawing or adjusting and removing it through various modalities including but not limited to counter striking, breath, mind intent and energy manipulation within yourself and then others.

to be continued… part 3 Dian Xue


  1. “Dim Mak” ended up being a great post, cannot help but wait to browse much more of ur postings.
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  2. Ty Lee's biggest fan says

    I want to learn dim man like my favorite TV character Ty Lee. Also like her I don’t want to use it to kill only paralyze but every website I check is for schools who teach it. I need to know the name of a website or video that’ll help me learn dim mak that will not kill the other person

  3. Christine Jonas says

    How do I open my lung meridian?

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