Documented Tai Chi Health Benefits 2

Personally I have found it difficult to publicly present the health benefits of Tai Chi due to not having an easy way to present and back up the health benefit claims of the art in a legal way. Because I have used Tai Chi to help myself with a number of personal health issues and I have taught quite a few students over the years who have received medical benefit I have a track record regarding my own Tai Chi Documented Health Benefits. I know where and how I and students of mine have received benefit and where and how I and they have not received benefits. I generally use this to back up my statements regarding Tai Chi and the benefits generally occur quickly enough that this works okay on a small scale.

However, I am greatly concerned about the legal aspect and ramifications of any statement I make including my own personal Tai Chi Documented Health Benefits and feel the need to overly state the legally buttock covering words of; this does not work for everyone and individual experiences will vary widely etc etc.. Having been involved in Tai Chi for over 30 years now and seeing folks get excellent results with specific conditions and situations causes me to want to simply state in public advertising that we have Tai Chi that is good for (name the specific condition that applies and there are over 15 different conditions that I have seen it really help).

As I have stated these are my personal Tai Chi Documented Health Benefits and not the result of a long term documented University study. It also is important to know that the proper internal aspects of Tai Chi are very specific and need to be very correct in order for a person to get specific benefits for specific health issues. In the USA I have seen many teachers of Tai Chi who are not qualified and they teach a very watered down version of Tai Chi that is designed in a “1 size fits all” kind of way that is really not appropriate or correct. This makes the medical claim issues that I am writing about here that much more difficult for legitimate teachers of the art because the public generally can not tell the difference between the real thing and other Tai Chi without obtaining more education than most folks will acquire before taking a class.

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