Documenting Tai Chi Health Benefits 3

Another pertaining issue that I have been mulling over is that I have specifically learned how to practice the Tai Chi to achieve most of these health benefits from Chinese masters both here in the US and in mainland China. These teachers have often stated these Tai Chi Documented Health Benefits work and as far as these masters are concerned, they know that this is true in a particular region or area and often in all of China.

So, if a specific kind of Tai Chi is practiced for longevity and those who practice it are well known for living into their late 90’s and early 100’s making this a Tai Chi Documented Health Benefit then it seems that this could be labeled as Tai Chi for Longevity. However no study has been done in the states to verify this statement. So, how can I legally make such a claim in the title of the DVD explaining this method? I am sure there is a way to go about it but I do want to make sure that I am legally on solid ground.

Part of the solution for us is that here at Clear Tai Chi we are currently hard at work to get a study going on the positive effects and medical benefits of Clear Tai Chi so that we can present our own documented health benefits as found in a legitimate US medical study. We are interested in receiving any input or feedback on this that would be helpful for publicly promoting the medical benefits right now and that will help us to get a study going or listing currently known Documented Tai Chi Health Benefits.

to be continued…

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