Electric Jing

A young Tai Chi practitioner sent me an email question asking what Electric Jing is and it occurred to me that others may also benefit by my reply so here goes.

Regarding Electric Jing. When the human energy system is properly connected in Wu Chi the Chi starts flowing through both the Micro and Macro Cosmic Orbit without you having to make it happen. You can easily test it by seeing if you automatically have an energy ball between your hands without having to form one. When you bring your palms towards each other the energy is simply there.

Once you get used to this jing then when you have the electrical flow turned on you can feel it without having to bring your hands together. Then when you practice your Tai Chi set every time the energy stops flowing you know that your posture is off or that you are holding tension somewhere and so then the energy helps you to make the corrections because you adjust until the energy begins flowing again.

A lot of the ravaging effects of old age and disease occurs due to blockages and lack of energy flow. The electrical jing helps you with this. At more advanced levels of practice you can transmit the electrical jing flow to a recipient for healing or self defense purposes.


  1. Dan Eidson, DCH, LMT says

    I think this is an excellent example of the electrical jing experience. How much do we need to practice in order to bring this jing up on demand? Do we need to practice Tai Chi morning noon and night as Yang Cheng Fu recommended or can we practice 20 or 30 minutes a day and correct to the same result?

    • Sigung Clear says

      Thanks Dan. I know my own experience with this and got to where I can bring up this energy on demand about 25 years ago. I would like others to weigh in on their experience of it in regards to the question that Dan has posed.

      At a later date I will write a post on practice time including everything Dan is stating above plus some. Dan, please remind me if I have not written/posted anything by the end of March on this topic.

      Best Regards.

  2. Are their exercises we can do to get chi flowing? Or do we simply do it through mind intent?

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