Empty Force

The Empty Force is a higher level of Tai Chi Nei Gung expression. Although I have seen and exhibited Empty Force energy at a very high level it is relatively rare in the West. Due to the controversial nature of Empty Force most teachers who know or are familiar with Empty Force don’t even like talking about it.

The Empty Force has been a point of public controversy and contention in Tai Chi and Chi Kung due to the nature of it, by which I mean it is this invisible energy that does things to people (in public demonstrations usually moving people or even sending them flying) that is unexplainable and seemingly impossible. It is not my desire or intention to get into a debate or argument with anyone about this and I usually avoid this subject unless directly asked because I do not wish to be in any argument let alone an argument about the Empty Force which I liken to arguing with a primitive person who lives in a cave about if the earth is flat vs round. When you try to show the primitive pictures of the earth they don’t believe you because the big blue marble in the picture does not in any way reflect their experience of earth. So, you end up wasting your time and really annoying the primitive.

The main thing I will say here about performing the Empty Force against a skeptic is that everyone has some ability to do it within them even if they are not able to exhibit it and that, very similar to a contest of wills, if I am pushing against someone with a weak will they do still have a will and can say no to my yes for at least awhile.

Tai Chi Nei Gung Empty Force Jing expression can be applied in a variety of ways. It can be used, as in the public demonstrations, to move someone but it can also be used to heal others and for self defense use it can be directed to go inside of someone causing a variety of effects including but not limited to fairly immediate naseua and dizziness.

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