Everybody wants more power, But there’s something better…

Internal Power, Iron Palm, Fajin(g)

These are the buzzwords that a lot of folks are looking for.

And there great to have.

But they’re not everything.

In fact there not the most important thing by a long shot.

There’s something else that’s much better, Much more important.

Let me put it this way…

…It doesn’t take much to damage the human body.

– A minor fall where you bump your head the wrong way could change your life forever.

– A small rupture, even a little bit of bruising or tearing in the wrong place (heart, brain, kidneys) can be a very serious problem.

You already have the power to do that, or you will with just a little training, especially if you’re training your hits to penetrate into the body they way internal strikes do.

*But what if the other guy is training too?
*What if he can deliver strikes that penetrate deep into your body?
*What if he’s really really big?
*What if he has a knife?

If he can land a strike like that it won’t matter how much power you can hit with.

The answer’s simple.

Don’t Get Hit.

(while staying close enough to hit the other guy)

It’s a lot easier said than done. But it’s a vital skill.

There’s always someone faster, bigger or more powerful. Especially as you get older.

But that’s what’s so great about the internal arts. They give you some really great ways to not get hit.

That’s what a whole lot of our first Combat Tai Chi package (the Internal Iron Package) is all about.

– Internal Iron Body in 100 Days
– Internal Power
– Vol1 Standing Dynamics
– Vol2 Dynamics of Movement

If you train the stuff on these DVDs you’ll be very hard to hit.

…And they’ll teach you to negate the opponent’s hits even if he can make contact.

This training will build a bunch of power and other important skills as well…

..But focus on the Iron Body and the not getting hit part first.

That’s the key.


Take Care,
Ben Sterling

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