How to measure root depth.

Subject: How to measure root depth.

To get better at any skill you must find a way to measure it.

How else can you know if the training methods you use are producing results?

Yesterday we talked about some of the benchmarks you can use to track the progress of your root development.

…but how do you measure root?

This all comes down to your sensitivity / ting jing skill.

The better your ability to feel root the more accurately you’ll be able to measure it.

In the beginning this will be vague and nebulous.

You may not be able to measure root or get a sense of depth at all.

…but what you can do is measure its effect on someone else. By using this drill you can measure whether you are lower than someone else or not.

…and by going back and forth you can get deeper and deeper.

To get more precise with your measurements you’ll need to work this drill along with the other sensitivity and rooting drills in Clear Tai Chi level 1.

As you work the level 1 drills you’ll gain a sense of the depth of your root relative to yourself.

Once you can do this it’s a simple matter of comparing your root depth to your height.

If you’re 6 feet tall and you can drop your root 1 body length into the ground, then you can root 6 feet down.

One requirement of becoming a Clear Internal Push Hands Instructor is building your ting to the point where you can feel (and target) your partner’s root up to at least 3 body lengths down (18 – 20 feet.)

Details on becoming a Clear Internal Push Hands Instructor will be available February 18th

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