Internal Power VS Internal Skill

Internal Skill VS PowerInternal Power is very important.

Being able to do a lot of damage with a touch is critical in ANY self defense method.

There are a lot of ways to generate that power.

But that power means nothing without the skill to use it.

An incredibly powerful missile is useless if you don’t have the skill to get it close enough to the target.

It’s also no good if you are a sitting duck and get hit at the same time.

Mutually assured destruction is a terrible strategy especially in a self defense situation.

So internal SKILL goes hand in hand with Internal POWER.

This means being able to deliver the force of your strike or push exactly where you want to, a specific joint, the lung, the heart or anywhere else, from any point of contact.

This also means being able to take incoming force (a push, a hit or whatever) and being able to neutralize it, route it down into the ground or back into the attacker.

This is just the beginning. There are 36 basic Jings in Tai Chi.

(Jings are basically specific internal skills)

Learning to direct force inside your body and inside your opponents body is very important in the internal arts and it’s something we start training from day 1 with all our students.

You’ll find all the tools you need to start building these skills in the Internal Power DVD. (Both internal skill and internal power.)

It’s part of the Internal Iron Package. Where you’ll find a whole lot of other powerful skills as well.


  1. helmer hurtado says

    I find very intereresting your programs, but I don’t speak English well. Have you materials in Spanish language?

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