Is there a best time of day for Qigong?

(I say qigong but this applies to all the internal arts as well.)

It depends on what you are doing.


  • Qigong can leave you wired and awake.
  • Or exhausted and ready for bed.
  • It can tear down and drain the body like a hard workout.
  • Or it can rejuvenate the body like a weekend at the spa.

And everything in between.

So, What do YOU want it to do?

In the morning use it to gently warm up the body,

…Energize your mind,

and prepare you for the day.

When you eat, use your practice to aid your digestion. Don’t do anything that will focus energy away from the stomach & intestines.

After you work out at the gym, your body needs to replenish and rebuild. So any Qigong/Tai Chi you do around that time needs to have a replenishing rejuvenating effect or you can simply grab that protein powder as a post-workout drink.

In the evening use it to wind down and prepare you for sleep.

(a lot of folks use alcohol to do this but with a little practice Qigong is just as effective and much healthier.)

The key is to understand what each method does.

(not just what you’re told it does but what you feel it doing inside of you also.)

Then match that to the time of day that is most useful for that purpose.

As you develop your practice it will graduate from something you do and become how you do everything else.

If you don’t have a solid qigong practice going yet, I recommend you start with the Chi Energy Book & DVD.

I’m working on a little project (The Internal Combat Course) that involves the Chi Energy DVD. It should be ready for you in the next week or two.

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