Mr Miyagi’s Tai Chi Secret…

“Don’t you know anything?!” – Daniel
“No Get Hit” – Mr Miyagi

Good advice.

But why the hell did he wait until the end of the movie to mention it?

Daniel could have used that lesson a lot sooner.

 *  He got beaten up on the beach infront of his new friends and the girl he was trying to talk to.

 *  Daniel got to walk around his new school with a black eye. trying to hide it behind big sunglasses while knowing all the other kids (and the girls) were snickering behind his back.

 *  He got kicked and stomped a few more times.

 *  His leg was almost destroyed in the tournament.

All that pain and humiliation…

…Just because he couldn’t “no get hit.”

Thing is if the other guy can’t hit you…

…You win.

Simple as that

And the other guy looks like a fool for trying.

Think if Daniel had known this at the beginning of the movie.

He could have made Johnny look like a fool the beach, won the girl and Johnny would have been laughed out of the Cobra Kai dojo.

Would have been a short movie.

But a whole lot more fun for Daniel.

Learn how to “no get hit”

(and how to neutralize a hit)

Take Care,
Ben Sterling