Tai Chi Fighting with Nothingness

Here’s an excellent description of the Tai Chi fighting method from "The Classics of Tai-Chi Chuan" by Wang Tsung Yueh. “Keep the central position: do not show anything substantial or insubstantial … [Read more...]

The Tai Chi Fighting Stance (Fighting with Formlessness)

Step 2: Signature Stance / Technique (Function NOT Form) The second step in learning a martial art as efficiently as possible is to define the signature stance, technique or movement of the style and … [Read more...]

To Breathe or Not to Breathe… Is that really a question?

Today we tackle another Tai Chi MYTH. (I should probably start numbering these. There’s so many of them.) It boggles my mind that this MYTH even exists. ...But apparently there are a number … [Read more...]