Nei gung

nei-gungNei gung literally translates as internal work. Most people involved in the martial arts have heard of Chi Kung / Qi Gong which translates as Energy work but most people are not familiar with nei gung or they may have heard of nei gung but do not have any idea what it means. The 3 major internal arts Tai Chi, Ba Gua / Pa Kua and Hsing-I are collectively known as Nei Jia which simply translates as Internal Arts. All 3 arts include both Chi Kung / Qi Gong and nei gung.

Part of nei gung is learning to really relax inside and out. Relaxation is a major part of learning to manipulate the distribution of weight within your own body. This movement is nei gung or internal work and becomes more sophisticated and profound as you deepen and continue your practice of nei gung.

In nei gung training you also learn to manipulate the breath deep inside your body. Nei gung breath control starts out fairly simply and then the breath is trained through stages until the breathing and breath manipulation are very advanced. In the Chinese Chi Kung / Qi Gong and nei gung literature and practices there are quite a few different breathing methods. Basic nei gung breathing methods include natural and reverse breathing. One of the higher level nei gung breathing methods is known as whole body breathing. Advanced whole body breathing involves nei gung internal energy manipulation such that you can breathe into every and any cell in the body at will.

Bone Marrow Washing is an advanced nei gung breathing, visualization and energetic practice. Where you can reach and feel with your mind and the energy you can influence and affect. Bone Marrow Washing nei gung teaches you to feel inside the bone marrow in the body and cause it to interact in an extremely healthy way with the rest of the body. There is a very safe and reasonably simple Bone Marrow Washing nei gung exercise presented in the book CHI ENERGY: Activation, Cultivation and Flow which is also included with the Basic Tai Chi skills instructor package.

Neigung involves building and learning to manipulate your internal body mechanics so that you learn how to feel, circulate and build Chi / Qi inside your body with your mind. In the beginning to practice nei gung you need very good alignment and structure but eventually you can perform nei gung from almost any position as long as you can relax and internally move.

Nei gung has many health benefits including the ability to get rid of head aches, lower your blood pressure and even affect your internal organs. Excess tension can cause headaches, it can raise blood pressure and even cause heart attacks. Nei Gung practices reduce the risk of all these problems by teaching you how to control the tension deep inside your body and use it only when, where and how you need to.


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