Nei Gung Benefits

In Tai Chi Nei Gung the Wu Chi physical and energetic alignments begin the energetic process by allowing the electrical energy to build and flow.  This causes the Micro Cosmic Orbit and the Macro Cosmic Orbit to turn on without the practitioner having to individually focus on them by themselves.  Physical and energetic blockages can impede the flow of energy around the body.  Performed properly with understanding The Tai Chi physical moves can really remove or help to remove the blockages and they can also help the practitioner to get the feel of the energy so that the movement of energy can be influenced, enhanced and directed by the practitioners mind.

Moving properly with Tai Chi Nei Gung will over time make it so that if you touch someone with intent to do it the Fa Jing will express and either send them flying or it will go inside and affect them according to your intention.  One of the more common effects being that the energy goes into them and affects an area causing the recipient to seize up and double over.

Tai Chi Nei Gung practice includes a lot of other high level abilities and benefits both for health and healing as well as for self defense.  A lot of the benefits are not something that have to be focused on to obtain and can often be surprising to the practitioner because it seems no effort was put into acquiring the skill.  The primary most important developments are the amazing level of youthful strength and health and the ability to build, manipulate, feel and move energy.

However here is a major warning about Tai Chi Nei Gung or any Nei Gung practice. The personal character and morality of the practitioner must be strong and well grounded.  Weak minded individuals usually cannot get very far with the training to begin with.  But, those for whom personal power over others is the end all be all of training usually end up with mental issues (some would say they had mental issues to start with) when practicing Nei Gung even Tai Chi Nei Gung if personal power over others is the only goal.  Fighting and self protection are an aspect of this but helping and healing the self and others is more or at least equally important and certainly much more useful to most people living in modern society today.

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