Nei Kung Training

If a skilled opponent can see and understand my alignments, my weight distribution or the energetics I’m using then they can use that against me. In this article I have given some examples of what can be accomplished with proper nei kung training so that you can get an idea of what is actually involved. In nei kung energy manipulation training you will start big and with physical motion to help the training but then you will work on making the manipulation happen with less and less physical movement until the manipulations and movements are only happening inside the body without any unnecessary physical movement. Of course, then, the more advanced way is for both the nei kung Golden Bell covered and jing(s) to be working to protect your body while you are engaged in whatever physical movement you need or desire (for instance to depart from the immediate area or attack if unavoidable).

One aspect of nei kung internal work is that I want to be able to use an opponents power against them and understand force and power enough to be able to put energy inside them or remove energy from them and also on the healing side to have enough understanding of Chi / Qi energy that I can put healing energy in them or remove negative energy from them. Advanced nei kung training teaches how to manipulate the Chi / Qi energy like this. First you must be able to manipulate energy inside of yourself then you can manipulate it inside of others. Not the other way around.

Understanding internal force, power and energetics has amazing health benefits and the longer term benefits of proper nei kung practice are quite impressive. On the other hand improper nei kung practice can be quite devastating so it is very important to have a very qualified teacher for this kind of training.

We have a nei kung video that is part of our Tai Chi Basic Instructor video package and it is simply based on how to internalize the movement and feel and build the internal connection to the movement which is one powerful part of the beginning nei kung training. Taking the time to do this properly and thoroughly will develop your ability to feel other internal connections essential to high level nei kung training. The information on the nei kung video is safe and when properly worked will make it easy to progress to the next stage of nei kung training.

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