Tai Chi Documented Health Benefits 1

In University medical studies in the United States there have been a number of Tai Chi documented health benefits. There have also been a number of Tai Chi health benefits that Tai Chi is known and widely accepted for particularly in China but that are not very well documented in the USA.

I have been very fortunate in that I have been trained in both Tai Chi fighting skills and in Tai Chi for health. The difference between the Tai Chi documented health benefits and the Tai Chi fighting skills is that the fighting skills are relatively easy to verify. If I can show that a slap or punch will hurt someone, launch them into the air or break a board (demonstrating force and power) then the idea that Tai Chi can be used for self defense is not difficult for the average person to believe. i.e. Seeing and particularly feeling is believing.

To accomplish a basic level of acceptance for the health benefits of Tai Chi is a lot tougher. First of all many studies are small and many others are inconclusive and some studies state that Tai Chi although not detrimental has shown no positive or negative effect on the disease/malady being studied at all. This is often due to simply not having enough participants and the study being short in its duration (8-12 weeks) so that it is statistically very difficult to draw any real long term conclusion. But, it does not solve the problem of how to present the real health side of Tai Chi to the American public.

to be continued…

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