Tai Chi Fighting: Why ‘Whole Body Connection’ Is An Absolute Must!

Hitting with full body power, hitting with all of your weight, can vastly increase the power of your hit to become a very heavy, punishing blow severely stunning your attacker.

The idea is that your body must be very open, like a 4 inch fire hose for your arms and legs with the water ‘Constantly Flowing;’ nothing static or stationary.

This will require proper structural alignment and a focus on have a very straight line and ‘hanging from the thread’ to open the trunk of your body so you feel like all of you is melting down to the bottom of your feet and legs like a candle sitting on a warm surface that starts to sink with the bottom of the candle growing larger and spreading out

A wide variety of Martial Arts use this concept with great results.

‘Whole Body Connection’ For Defensive Purposes

The easiest way to explain the principle of ‘Whole Body Connection,’ and I’ll just use a body weight of 100 lbs, is this:

Imagine your entire body as one solid ball or sphere. Anywhere I hit you, I hit the ‘Entirety’ of this 100 lb ball, the ‘Whole’ of it. So if I hit your forearm and you have the ‘Whole Body Connection’ quality then I am hitting not just the single part of your body that is your forearm, I am hitting this solid ball of 100 lbs.

This results in your entire body being able to deal with the force and energy of the hit not having it all focused on just your forearm.

Tai Chi Fighting: ‘Whole Body Connection’ Gives Tremendous Force And Impact For All Of Your Hits

Now If you strike my arm, you strike with all of your body so the force of your hit is not just the power and weight of your arm, it is the full power and weight of your entire body.

Imagine a big medicine ball weighing 100 lbs. Picture a 200 lb man standing 6 feet from you. Now through this 100 lb medicine ball as hard as you can straight at the man’s chest. You can guess what the result would be with a 100 lb medicine ball smashing into your chest.

Another example I use is have you ever been just walking by a counter top and your hip hit the corner and it hurt a lot?

That’s because even at a slow speed the energy of 100 lbs in motion is very significant. You don’t need a tremendous amount of speed with even just 100 lbs to have something that contains a lot of energy.

It’s just mass times acceleration. the greater the mass, the less speed you need to have a sufficiently high level of energy and force when you make contact with something like another human body.

So if you can move and maintain that ‘Whole Body Connection’ anything you hit or bump into gets hit with the force of 100 lbs in motion.

Hopefully the above analogy makes sense.

The Internal Aspects Must Become Part Of Your Subconscious

It is important to understand You MUST! train this so it instinctively comes on as soon as you ‘Feel’ or ‘Perceive’ an attack. If it comes on as they hit you it will almost always be too late and only a small part of your body will be available to deal with the impact of that hit.

If the hit is on your forearm, for the average person that forearm and arm are going to be useless for 2 or 3 seconds as it struggles to recover. In just 2 seconds you can get hit 5, 6, 7 or more times with your body in a weakened state from the damage sustained due to the hit to your forearm

Fights over. You lose and are down on the ground getting stomped on.

Everyone wants to avoid getting hit but in a real street attack, especially if you get jumped
by 2 or 3 people, you’re probably going to take a hit or at the very least take a part of a hit.
If you are stunned and frozen for just half a second then they are all over you like a pack of lions.

So ‘Whole Body Connection’ connection, like most ‘Internal Aspects,’ provides you with
a powerful, necessary defense and an equally powerful offense!

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