Tai Chi Form: ‘Personalization’ and ‘Eyes Closed’

For a Tai Chi practitioner, making your Tai Chi form your own, internalizing it, 'Owning It' as in making it personal to you; is a level that you want to strive for. If you watch 5 different masters … [Read more...]

Tai Chi Fighting: Why ‘Whole Body Connection’ Is An Absolute Must!

Hitting with full body power, hitting with all of your weight, can vastly increase the power of your hit to become a very heavy, punishing blow severely stunning your attacker. The idea is that … [Read more...]

Internal Iron Body: The Safe And Healthy Tai Chi Method

Developing a powerful iron body to be able to take powerful hits and to also be able to deliver penetrating, bone crushing strikes is a high level skill of the true internal arts. But it is well … [Read more...]