Tai Chi for Health 2: Bone Density

A basic example of this is the bone density that Tai Chi is known to develop that helps prevent falls in the elderly. The way to obtain this Tai Chi health benefit and part of the way that this actually occurs is that the practitioner must align their upper body weight over the legs and then relax the entire body so that the weight of the entire body presses down through the structure due to gravity. This alone will increase the thigh bone density and mass over time and increase the muscle mass and strength through the entire leg.

The problem is that most people do not like the muscle soreness and work that this requires one to go through so they do not get the Tai Chi health benefits because of it. This alignment does more that just increase the bone mass in the upper thigh and is important for other Tai Chi health benefits as well as being a component in the proper use of Tai Chi for self defense.

Another reason that a lot of people do not get the physical Tai Chi health benefits is that, all to often, highly qualified instructors are teaching large groups of people in order to make a living and they can not take the time with their students to make the smaller and more specific corrections required to help the students really obtain the Tai Chi health benefits. This is why all of my Tai Chi instruction is performed one on one or with very small groups with a lot of one on one attention.

to be continued

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