Tai Chi Form: ‘Personalization’ and ‘Eyes Closed’

For a Tai Chi practitioner, making your Tai Chi form your own, internalizing it, ‘Owning It’ as in making it personal to you; is a level that you want to strive for.

If you watch 5 different masters of the same style do the same form you’ll see a lot of subtle variations; but they are all correct as they are keeping with the Tai Chi principles.

You Must Keep The Tai Chi Principles

As you work on adding your ‘personality’ to your movements, and understand this something you would not really want to attempt until you had the basic principles like structure and alignment, root and what we refer to as the ‘Electrical Feel’ around your body developed to a sufficient level, you must always remember to keep the important physical and internal concepts within your movements.

Otherwise you’ll end up with sloppy, or a better way to put it, weak Tai Chi.

Another little interesting exercise you can do is to do you Tai Chi form with your eyes closed. this will better develop your balance and also really help you to develop your ‘Awareness’ from all parts of your body.

This will go a long way to being able to feel what your opponent is going to do next and What Your Eyes Cannot See Your Body Can Feel!

Tai Chi Master Sigung Richard Clear Has Redesigned His Tai Chi Website. You Can Check Out The Press Release Clicking Here where he also addresses other ‘Internal Aspects’ of the Martial Arts.


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