Tai Chi Nei Kung

Most high level Tai Chi Nei Kung can be practiced either stationary or while you are performing your Tai Chi set.  In other words, you do not have to practice Tai Chi and then practice nei kung seperately.  It should all happen at the same time.  Once you really have the internal feel and understanding of the energetics you can even practice Tai Chi Nei Kung while you are simply walking or whenever you happen to think about it.  After you have practiced properly for a period of time (months/years) then your training will progress to a level where as soon as you think about the energy flow or manipulation then the energy will turn on and start flowing.

To practice Tai Chi nei kung first study the basic moves and applications of Tai Chi.  Then, study the various nei kung skills and methods.  After real understanding of both the Tai Chi and the nei kung work including energy manipulation and breathing is accomplished then you can practice your Tai Chi with the correct movement, alignment and flow in a manner so that practice and benefits of Tai Chi Nei Kung all happen at the same time.

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