1 Touch Knockouts vs Fa Jing

One of my students who has studied 1 Touch Knockouts but has not yet been exposed to much Fa Jing training asked me if 1 Touch Knockouts and Fa Jing are the same thing.

Fa Jing is much more than just 1 Touch Knockouts because the energy can be applied in other ways than just to achieve a knockout.

1 Touch Knockouts are more than just Fa Jing because although you can use Fa Jing to achieve a 1 Touch Knockout there are many other types of 1 Touch Knockouts.

Fa Jing can definitely be used to execute a 1 Touch Knockout.

If I touch someone on their Carotid with my finger or a knuckle or use my flat palm on their temple and Fa Jing the result will almost certainly be an instant knockout with what definitely appears to be a touch (and physically will only be a touch) on my part.

The same thing is true if I lightly tap any one of several different correct pressure points on the face and Fa jing while I am doing it.

However, a Fa Jing Knockout is only one type of 1 Touch Knockout.

There are many other types including, among many others, using rooting energy with a palm drop. To perform this kind of strike I drop my palm from less than an inch away from the contact point so that when I touch the person they receive my entire body weight through the contact point.

It feels to them like I have dropped the weight from much farther away.

The simplest comparison to this experience is that it is like being tapped with a very dense and heavy brick that is traveling towards you at the point of impact.

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