Waterfall Root: How To Get Beyond Your Root Limit

Building root in Tai Chi is a continual process. You can never have too much.

If you are thoroughly familiar with the exercises we’ve done so far and you feel like you just can’t get your root any deeper than it already is, then this article will be especially useful for you.

Stand in Wu Chi.

Let your root drop as you relax and melt from head to toe. This should feel like you are pouring a liquid down through the inside of your body.

If you are having trouble getting this sensation go read: How to Relax, Melt & Pour

As your root reaches your current maximum depth focus on maintaining the continuous pouring sensation through your entire body from head to toe and down through the bottom of your root.

Imagine the way that a waterfall just drops and drops and drops water downward. This is how you should feel.

It may feel like your weight is pouring out of you into the ground. This is good.

Once you have gotten the basic feeling down in Wu Chi, practice your Tai Chi set with this pouring motion turned on the whole time.

I recommend starting with a short set like The Big 8 before trying this with a longer form

A word of warning: if you are used to light and easy Tai Chi set, this kind of practice will be a real workout and you will probably be sore the next day. However if you experience pain in the knees you should stop this exercise and consult an expert. The most common cause of knee pain in Tai Chi is improper alignment while doing the postures. This misalignment can cause injury if it is not corrected. You should fix your structural alignment before continuing.

Once you are done with your set, you should do Carry the Cauldron and Grand Tai Chi three times each. You should also walk it off while not attempting to root. This will help balance your energy and bring you back to a normal body state.

Photo by: I Wayan Saryada


  1. clayton ragsdale says

    I love what I see in your videos, I have actually been practicing heavy hand striking without even knowing it I guess, I will definately order your videos, as they are quality straight up material!! Thanks for making this available to the public!

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