What do I do with the energy I’ve built from my training?

After practice what do you do with all the energy you have built up?

This is a good question.

After any Qigong or Internal Arts training session it’s important to put away the energy you’ve been working with.

If you don’t, the energy will mostly disperse and you won’t get the full benefit out of your practice.

So putting away the energy is step one.

You will learn some simple exercises to put away your energy in Qigong Lesson 11 of the Internal Combat Arts Course.


If you practice diligently then eventually you will get you a point where simply putting it away isn’t enough.

The energy may be feeling a lot thicker and / or there’s just more of it to the point where you’re having trouble putting it all away.

Next, condense the excess energy into your bone marrow.

Long term ‘energy’ storage in your bone marrow is one of the key components to getting longevity benefits out of your Qigong or Tai Chi practice.

It’s also important for some of the Iron Body benefits of Tai Chi as well.

One of the common Tai Chi and Chi Kung MYTHS is that the Lower Dan Tien is the energy storage center of your body. The indoor teaching is that the Lower Dan Tien is only a temporary storage area. More of a gateway or way station.

The bone marrow (with an emphasis on the legs) is your primary energy storage area.

Qigong Lesson 16 of the Internal Combat Arts course will teach you a beginning (and safe) method for “packing the chi” into your bones.


Also in Level 2 of our Tai Chi program we get into more advanced and powerful ways to condense and store energy.


  1. Sensei Ernie Vitolo says

    Sigung, thank you for the you tube videos, I have been studying Chi Kung for 20 years, I also Have a 6th dan in shotokan and a 3rd dan in jujitsu. I find these videos very helpful, I like they way you break the moves down and make it easy to follow along.

    I have a question about Hen – Ha Breathing, I get the Exhale and the HA, how do you make the hen sound on the inhale if i am inhaling through the nose?

    Thank you
    Sensei Ernie V

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