Clear Tai Chi Curriculum

Learn the Essence of Tai Chi

Learn the Essence of Tai Chi

Clear Tai Chi Level 1.

Learn the fundamentals of Tai Chi, earn the Clear Tai Chi Level 1 certification and build a strong foundation for intermediate and advanced Tai Chi skills.

  • Learn the Clear Tai Chi Big 8 & 13 move sets.
  • 2 push hands methods for greater internal skill and power
  • Tai Chi Jings & Internal Expressions for greater Chi flow and internal skill.
  • Bone Marrow Washing Nei Kung to build Chi and rejuvenate the body.
  • Tai Chi Rehabilitation method (how to use the form to help yourself or your students rehab old injuries.)
  • How to activate, cultivate, circulate and store Chi (Qi)
  • Basic self defense applications of Tai Chi movements and freestyle drills.
  • Tai Chi Nei Kung to build Chi flow and internal energy.

Clear Tai Chi Level 2

Learn the intermediate and advanced Tai Chi skills of a Clear Tai Chi Black Sash Instructor.

  • 4oz moves 1000 pounds
  • 3 powers
  • Tai Chi Iron Body (Golden Bell Covered)
  • Tai Chi Iron Palm (Cotton Palm)
  • Building Sensitivity
  • Shackled Jing
  • Listening – Ting Jing
  • Floating Jing
  • Silk Reeling – Jian See Jing
  • Advanced Push Hands Instruction
  • And Much More

Join Clear Tai Chi Online to get instant access to level 2 training.

Clear Tai Chi 48 Form DVD Set

Clear Tai Chi Levels 3 & 4

Learn the advanced and master level skills of Clear Tai Chi.

Levels 3 & 4 are available in Clear Tai Chi Online only after you complete the level 1 & 2 certifications.


  1. Darryl Willis says

    Is there a way to purchase the DVDs and/or book (level 1) individually?

  2. edward cody says

    I want to learn taichi

  3. I would like to order Clears’s tai chi level 1.Could you please notify me on how I make the payment.I can pay for the whole package at one time.

    • Excellent! Just click the add to cart button above and complete the checkout process through the shopping cart. Let us know if you have any questions while working through the material.

  4. Sincere Learner says

    Does your package include corrections and adjustments via video or streaming with the instructors?

    • Matt Holker says

      No. These videos were filmed in the process of teaching new students. Based on the questions and corrections that arose in those sessions, along with the accumulated teaching experience of Sigung Clear and the entire staff, the videos themselves are absolutely PACKED with enhancements, subtleties, and corrections that anyone should be able to work out from the videos themselves. When you send us the video of yourself for the Level 1 Test, then our staff reviews your progress and gives you detailed notes with corrections and feedback about what you should work on going forward.

      If you come in for a workshop we can offer some live corrections during the downtime, but there usually isn’t much of it. You could always ask us to review video of your work for a fee, or come in for a private lesson.

      Sometimes we have students that post videos of themselves on our Facebook group: Internal Combat Arts. In this way other members of the group are able to offer advice and corrections free of charge. You should request membership to this discussion group if you want those kinds of corrections prior to testing.

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