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Schools & Certified Instructors

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562 Lupine Ln 72153
Dan Eidson – Cinnabar Martial Arts
(501) 253-5545

Jeff Sterling – Tai Chi Level 1 (Basic Skills Instructor)
Amherst Tai Chi
(413) 2828-CHI

Spring Hill
James Porter

Winter Haven
Michael Smith – Tai Chi Level 1 (Basic Skills Instructor)
(863) 207-1314

New Orleans
Phil Pockett

Clear Tai Chi National Headquarters
School Website
113 E. Broadway Ave

Mojahed Eisivand – Tai Chi Level 1 (Basic Skills Instructor), Fa Kung Healing Practitioner level 1

Kai Lewis – Tai Chi Level 1 (Basic Skills Instructor), Fa Kung Healing Practitioner level 1

Study Groups

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4230 beacon sq dr
Michael Todd
(727) 847-1756


St. Louis
Maryland Heights
Rick Bax
(314) 566-6464

New York

Heather Drieling

New York City
145th St and Riverside Dr.
Darien Buchanan
(646) 912-0354

Become a Certified Instructor

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Whether you want to become a certified instructor or you just want to study long distance you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Basic Skills
    – You will need to study and learn all the material on the Clear Tai Chi Basic Skills Video’s. (Videos and the correct order of study is listed below)
  2. Test
    – Testing is by video correction and feedback or live at our National Headquarters in downtown Maryville, TN.

The basic instructor level is attained once you complete these steps and you will gain access to intermediate and advanced material

To continue to qualify as an instructor simply continue to train and progress in Clear Tai Chi via intermediate and advanced video and either host a seminar or spend at least a day training in advanced curriculum at the National Headquarters 1-2 times per year.

Certified Instructors will receive

  • A Certificate of Basic Instructor Certification/Recognition
  • Name on our website as a Certified instructor
  • Profit Sharing Opportunities
  • Career Opportunities
  • Martial Arts Career Counseling from Si Gung Clear
  • Eligibility to Participate in our National Advertising
  • Password Access to Higher Levels of Training
  • Participants must remain eligible and be a member in good standing

Basic Skills

  1. Chi Energy – Activation, Cultivation & Flow (Book and Video)
  2. Clear Tai Chi Big 8 Set
  3. Clear Tai Chi 13
  4. Basic Skills Tape 1
  5. Basic Skills Tape 2
  6. Sticky Hands and Push Hands
    (Emphasis on the Push Hands)
  7. Basic Self Defense Applications Tape A
  8. Basic Self Defense Applications Tape B
  9. Freestyle Self Defense & Push Hands Games Intro

You can buy each video individually or you can by the Instructor Certification Package

Instructor Certification Package

  • All the videos listed above
  • A $95 discount
  • A free Nei Kung video
  • & free shipping


  1. Greetings,

    I’ve been following the course and it’s exceptionally done. I’ve done Tai Chi and Chi Kung for about 15 years already but this is explained in a completely different (and simplified) way than most. Well done! I was curious if you had any Youtube or website videos on the Tai Chi Big 8 drill as it’s somewhat different (and more compact) than the usual Tai Chi Short Form 24. If you could let me know I’d appreciate it and also am interested in an affiliation in time. Thanks!


  2. Michael Chicas says

    Hi Ive been wanting to become a combat tai chi instructor for some time but I don’t live near any of the schools. So I was wondering if you had a school opening in Rockland County New York or an online course?

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