Can I do Tai Chi if I don’t believe in the mystical Qi component?

If I approach Tai Chi as a purely physical practice, designed to develop impeccable body mechanics, will I still be highly effective?

The answer to both these questions is a resounding…

…sort of, It depends.

There is nothing supernatural about the internal arts.

However there are advanced skills that are pretty amazing and can be tough to wrap your head around until you’ve built the skills that lead up to them.

And the mind plays an important part in internal training so it’s not all purely physical.

You should be skeptical of things that appear overly mystical or esoteric. However, if you dismiss them too quickly you’re likely to limit yourself and miss important areas of study.

For example at some point you do need to be able to feel and manipulate chi.

Am I really manipulating energy with my mind? or is that just how my mind perceives good body mechanics & changes in body state?

I’m not sure. But that’s not really the important questions.

The important question is: Does this work reliably?

And if the answer is yes then: How do I build the skill?

Also, it’s a lot easier to understand some of these skills once you’ve worked with them for a bit.

Something that seemed like mystical BS may just seem like boring old body mechanics after a little practice.

If you’d like to skip the long lectures on esoteric theory and mystical nonsense (without compromising on the things you need for advanced skill.)

Go check out the Internal Combat Arts Course:

You will learn practical ways to build and store Qi.

…and you’ll learn how Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing Yi & Kuntao Silat fight.

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