How to Begin Building Root Without a Partner.

In the past couple of posts we’ve talked about the concept of root in Tai Chi and how far you can take it.

Now it’s time to get started.

The following exercise will help you begin to develop your root.

1) First, get in a solid, relaxed Wu Chi position.
Make sure that your Zhong Ding or central axis is very straight.

2) Now relax.
Release all the tension from your body.

3) Open the Bubbling Well.
This is a point on the bottom of your feet just to the front of center. This is an energetic gateway.

To open it let your feet relax and melt. Feel your feet spread out on the floor from the weight of your body pressing down.

4) Take a deep breath.
As you breathe in, fill your body with the breath. On the exhale, relax even more and feel any tension melt down into the floor.

5) Breath In
When you inhale, relax even more. Don’t raise yourself back up or bring your weight back up into your body.

6) Breath Out
Relax and drop more and more of your weight into your root.

Make sure to maintain a very correct Wu Chi Posture.

Once you are done practicing rooting, do Carry the Cauldron and Grand Tai Chi three times each.

This will help to balance your energy and make it yours. At a minimum, and better yet, in addition to doing these moves, walk around the room without attempting to root.

Practicing rooting by yourself is important to developing your root. You will need to learn to drop root on your own. However, you can progress much more quickly by practicing with a partner. In the next post, we’ll talk about how to do that.

Photo by: Konstantin Zamkov


  1. Large greeting Sifu, I try to learn from your DVD and Book CHI ENERGY, Activation, Cultvation and Flow.Jeg have questions. When I make WU CHI very quick feel my Lower Dan Ten starts to go around, this is good or not. Would you please explain this more. Large greeting from Hasan. Oslo NORWEY

    • Glad you are enjoying the DVD and book.

      Normally the Lower Dan Tien should not begin to spin just because you are doing Wu Chi although this is not necessarily a problem. Without adding any tension try relaxing and see if you can get the Lower Dan Tien to stop spinning or try shifting your focus away from the Lower Dan Tien and see if that helps.

      Let me know how that goes. You can email me directly:

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